Event Date: May 4, 2015

Location: B:Hive Bridgeport 

Our kickoff event was a huge success! Six dynamic individuals shared their love letter to Bridgeport. Their beautiful words not only touched our hearts, but are building the foundation Heart of the City wishes to see in order to change the narrative of this town. 

It was a magical evening of old friends and new, gathering in a buzzing B:Hive to love on this great city. It was magical. It was honest. It was hopeful. 


It was Bridgeport! 


Thank you to our contributors who made the evening so welcoming and special. John Torres of Oh, Cassius provided a lovely background of melodious tunes. Videos & documentation by Taylor Lenci Photography. Beautiful photos by Cassandra Madeline Photography


Meet our storytellers and watch their stories.

Duanecia Evans is a force of nature here in Bridgeport. She’s a graduate of UB and currently the manager of Community Engagement for Teach for America Connecticut. She is as kind in spirit as she is fiercely passionate about education.

Watch Duanecia's story HERE!


Lena Ruth Yasutake, originally comes to us from Arlington, VA but has been here in Bridgeport for 13 years. She is currently studying at UB, is a proud wife and mother of 3, a teacher at Bridgeport Hope School and Bridgeport International Academy. She’s the Connecticut Chair of Women’s Federation for World Peace, a costume designer, certified personal trainer, instructor, doula, belly dancer instructor, sex educator, and world traveler. Amongst everything she does, Lena Ruth somehow finds time once a year to spend a Jane Austen weekend in Vermont where she dresses up in costume from the 1800s. And she still has energy! 

Watch Lena Ruth's story HERE!


Sophie Scott Pennock Collins was born in Bridgeport with a really long name and 2 moms.  She has lived in Black Rock forever. Sophie plays hard, grows and sells flowers, and reads a lot.  She attends the Six to Six Magnet School in Bpt.  Sophie collects sheep (she has 36) and her moms hope they remain stuffed ones.  She has a big fluffy dog named Lucie and a Black Sheep (often dressed in an evening gown) named Shepe.  

Watch Sophie's story HERE!


Mary Jane Foster is originally from Dever, Co. She came to CT in the 1970’s and first volunteered for the YWCA in Bridgeport in 1988. Actress for 22 years, became a lawyer at 45. Developed the Ballpark at Harbor Yard, co-founded the Bridgeport Bluefish, now Vice President of University Relations at the University of Bridgeport. She loves food, music, food, movies, food, theatre, food, books. 

Watch Mary-Jane's story HERE!


Yolanda Petrocelli was born in Coyoacan where Frida Kahlo. She grew up on the playground playing with Norman Mailers daughter and living among the murals of Diego Rivera.  Growing up in Mexico City within an artist family provided a very colorful life. After living throughout NYC she eventually ended up in Bridgeport in time for the birth of her daughter Maya. She lives in the Read’s Artspace where she loves the diversity of people, ideas, and opportunities. She LOVES Bridgeport. 

Watch Yolanda's story HERE!


Luke Scott was born in the Elm City (New Haven) and then made his way down to Bridgeport because of the love and the cultural magnetism of the city. He runs a marketing and design firm in Westport (16 years), and am one of the B:Hive founders He’s married to the Bananalady with whom he is raising two sons: one rocket scientist, and one wrestler He loves to write, to play guitar and sing, to snowboard, and to travel (with his girl). True story, his parents wanted to name him Ezequiel, but his grandmother tweaked out, and staged some low-level protest at Yale New Haven on the day of his birth. So they went with Luke instead.

Watch Luke's story HERE!


Next Heart of the City event is June 1. More details here.  

To become a storyteller, send us your info here