Event Date: June 1, 2015

Location: B:Hive Bridgeport 

Our second event's theme focused on stories about small decisions that lead to life's big successes. And, as we learned from our storytellers, things don't always go as planned: How fitting, considering that the event was to be held outside at Bridgeport's beautiful McLevy Green, but the dark rolling clouds and thick muggy air had a different agenda for us. A down pour of rain forced us back into the cozy, colorful space of our home here at B:Hive. 

It was a blessing in disguise. 

This fully-loaded, energy-packed event included a mini pop up market, a four-piece band, catered dinner, and a slew of dynamite storytellers. While the rain changed our location, the event's schedule didn't skip a beat. 

We welcomed CT-based crafters and artists into the space to vend their incredible handmade goods. Our pop up friends included Hartford Prints!, Kate Stephen Jewelry, Glitter & Bold, Stonehill Design, Made in Bridgeport, Pious Bird, and Commuter Views.

Grit Rhythm filled the space with their soulful, bluesy, non-stop rocking tunes. The deep rumbling voice of lead singer Matt Rhone was perfectly accompanied by the tight groove of guitar, bass, drums and the occasional harmonica. 

What completes an intimate night of shopping, music, dancing, and storytelling better than fresh, hot, straight-out-of-the-oven pizza? Our friends next door at Two Boots Bridgeport provided a most delicious spread of cheesy goodness all night long. 

The cherry on top was, yet again, the documentation of this magical time. We invited Maya Oren of Mojalvo to film the evening, while Kristyn Miller Photography clicked the night away capturing moment after moment of this cheerful time. 

Lastly, the night's heartbeat was found in the lovely storytelling of our speakers and the listening ears of our attendees. Thank you to those who shared, those who came, and those who contributed. 

Meet our storytellers and watch their stories.

Courtney Hartl of Source Coffeehouse is originally from the small town of Charlton, Massachusetts where at one time in the not so distant past there were more cows than people. She now lives in the Beautiful Black Rock area of Bridgeport! Making coffee and hanging out with her wacky and wonderful customers is her jam. If she’s not at the shop, she’s probably sitting on her porch with her hubby reading Harry Potter and drinking a gin and tonic. In sweatpants. Which, incidentally, she would wear every day if it was socially acceptable.

Watch Courtney's story here.


Alex Torres of Alex Torres Photography is a homegrown Bridgeporter. He has often been referred to as 'Bird', 'The Big Guy' and 'Gigundo'. He is passionate about teaching Biology at Central High School (Go Hilltoppers!) and shooting photography on the side. Alex would walk a mile for a good IPA as long as his friends and family would be there to enjoy it with him. His goal in life is to love more, and fear less.

Watch Alex's story here.


Marcella Kovac is partner (alongside Jordan Rabidou) and creative director at The Bananaland, your destination for unforgettable ideas, design, and development experiences. She’s also co-founder of B:Hive Bridgeport, THIS VERY coworking space and community hub. She loves ideas of every kind and helping them flourish with teamwork, clever approaches, and lots of fun. Outside of all this, she’s either a. spreading the love for Bridgeport b. taking photos for The Seasides, c. hanging with her kitty Pixel, or d. exploring interesting places with her husband Luke and two young fellas, Noah and Jasper.

Watch Marcella's story here.


Daniel Trust is a nationally recognized youth motivational speaker and the founder of the Daniel Trust Foundation, a Bridgeport based non-profit organization that helps students from low-income communities with their educational and career needs. The organization also honors educators, who help these students succeed in school and in their personal lives. Daniel Trust has appeared on daytime talk shows like Better Connecticut, Connecticut Style and Our Lives. In 2014, he was listed as a 40 Under 40 Honoree by Connecticut Magazine. He is a Bridgeport resident and lives in Black Rock. I also want to add that Daniel is one of our members here at B:Hive from having worked alongside of him no for about a year, I can honestly say he has one of the snazziest senses of style and is amazing when it comes to pairing patterns. 

Watch Daniel's story here. 


Join us for our next event Monday, July 6. More info HERE

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